milliewang (milliewang) wrote in love_of_shoes,

Maiden Post

Here are my current 3 top shoe lusts

1. the United Nude (which one website described as "sounding like a union for strippers") Eamz Pump
in cream
but also at zappos in brown, jade, black, and gray
without the neat mesh effect.

UN also has an awesome cork Mobius sandal
ta da!

But user commentary says that they're "comfortable for an art shoe"

2. The Seychelles "Rock the Boat" sandal
in teal
In teal, orange, brown, neutral and black.

3. Magnolia's Amity pump in Pink
well, pink, blue, purple and white

Which is only $33 in an 8.5 and 9.5 and so consequently will be winging its way to me in 2-3 days. Magnolia is having some great sales on their shoes (a number are down to about $30 with free shipping) so knock yourselves out.

Also, can anyone find a somewhat cute silver matte sandal? Bridesmaid shoes are nearly as difficult to find in a cute style as BM dresses.

GKG- can I post pictures although I can't do that on my own LJ?
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