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For those who covet, obsess about, collect, critique, and generally adore shoes, here is a community in which you can covet, obsess about, critique, and generally adore shoes.
Feel free to post dream shoes, recent conquests & acquisitions, or pictures/thoughts about fashion in general.

please fix broken links or red x's

please lj-cut if posting a lot of pics or large pics

try to remember to make entries protected, so random tools don't get the opportunity to comment and push some lame ass agenda or do some pathetic promotion, leaving me no choice but to delete the comment and ban that sad, sad person (for instance, xdreamer87 )

Please don't post pics of ugly shoes. Ugly shoes make people sad. If you inflict pain in this way, membership may be revoked.

Also, we don't want to buy your crap. Don't try to sell it.